Miriam Nielsen Materiel Spirit object
Samara Sallam video
Adey A fictitious Dream
Tror du vi vågner fernisering
Tonje Bøe Birkeland
Martin Zellerhoff
Triennalen foromtale
Jacob Juhl fernisering
Christian Klintholm
Sofie Pihl Perceptions 2
Adey plakat
Homage Mayumi
Fernisering Linda Hansen
Joaquin Zaragoza Gratis Knus
Sinking Into fernisering
Invisible Aarhus PopUdstilling
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Photo / text / objects
Tilblivelsen - an exhibition to be seen, heard, experienced and reflected
Jacob Juhl's exhibition Tilblivelsen (Genesis) is composed of 29 photographic works with text, handmade photo books, poems, a podium and a video.

The exhibition evokes many plans for reflection on existential issues in the daily life experiences.

The number of works is based on the alphabet's 29 characters. Each piece is 29x29x2,9 cm and each set contains a 29-character sentence. Between each work is a space of 29 cm. All sentences start with "som" (as).

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