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Tonje Bøe Birkeland - until September 29th
Invitation for opening - next Friday at 04:00pm

Opening hours

wednesday-friday 01:00pm - 06:00pmO
saturday                    11:00am - 03:00pm

Vestergade 62, 8000 Aarhus C

CHARACTER #V Bertha Bolette Boyd (1900-1985)

The Jhomolhari Chapter, The Buthan Trilogy

On expedition, female adventurers are hosted in the Unknown Territory: THE CHARACTERS, a series of alter egos from the past, give the woman a place in the landscape and explores the truth of the story.

THE CHARACTERS is a personal gallery, which through storytelling, imagination and photography fills a gap in our history and reveals the challenges of today: globalized colonization on the one hand, the loss of the great adventure on the other. Since 2008 I have created Character # I-V.

On expeditions to Bhutan, a woman's adventure is described: Character #V Bertha Bolette Boyd (1900-1985), travels to Bhutan April 1931. In April 2016, I went to Bhutan to create the 1st chapter of Bertha: Among Mountains & Monasteries.

Bertha returns to Bhutan in 1932. October 2017, I traveled back to create The Jhomolhari Chapter. Photographs exhibited in Galleri Grundstof are from this expedition. Third chapter is produced in Bhutan in October 2018. Together, the three chapters constitute The Bhutan Trilogy.

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