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Fem gode grunde til at investere i kunst

5 good reasons to invest in fine art for your business
How to raise reputation and bottom line

More and more companies are investing in art to the company. And there are many good reasons. Five of them you will have here.

• Art inspires and supports your company's creative potential.

We have probably all had the experience of how a good piece of art regardless of whether it was a poem, a movie or a painting has given us inspiration and insight. It has touched something in us that we can not quite explain. A fine art painting or photography that you place in your business will, of course, affect in the same way.

 • Art makes contact with customers and other stakeholders.

Art has many expressions, and with a strategic consideration, your company may benefit from choosing art that supports the customer relationship.

The best art is art that is helping to put an evolving conversation started. It must be art with a significant but not shocking content, - it may be in the subject, in the colors or in the artworks composition.

 • Art affect the mood of the room.

Any work of art affects the mood of the room it hangs or is placed in. It should of course be considered much. It does no good to place a work of art with violent colors in a psychologist's therapy room, just as it is not appropriate to have small, neat works in an open office.

The sentiment and the movements in the work of art much be considered very well before purchase.

 • Art supports  the employees

A US study[1] shows that 83% of employees who are already working in environments with artworks, believes that fine art is important for the working environment.

Art inspires, is calming and gives employees something beautiful to look at in the premises where the employees spend a large part of everyday life. It's obviously very important for the employee satisfaction, productivity and safety.

 • Art supports the company's image and reputation.

We know several examples of how the arts are very important for a company's reputation and image. This applies not only Novo Nordisk, Würtz and Carlsberg, but also a variety of other bigger and smaller companies.

The experience of the company's interest in art, is of great importance to increase the brand's status, its value and its authority. And it obviously has great significance for both reputation and bottom line.

It can be difficult to grasp the possibilities of fine art. Call if necessary to Galleri Grundstof +45 24 52 73 32, for free advice about the possibilities

©Galleri Grundstof. www.gallerigrundstof.dk

[1]International Association of  Professional Art Advisors (IAPAA), her fra http://www.cuinsight.com/how-incorporating-art-into-workplace-design-can-affect-employee-wellness-job-performance-and-best-represent-your-brand.html


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Maja Ingerslevs fine art photography in Cubion Consultans office in Aarhus, Denmark
Troels Heiredal. Copehagen Lenses, The employees in Cubion Consultants are inspired of several fine art photos during the workday.