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Ny Samara Sallam video vises i PLADS artspace
Seven Cities,One Labyrinth - om identitet og tilhørsforhold

I Seven cities, One Labyrinth giver Samara Sallam sin meget personlig skildring af sammenhængen mellem tilhørsforhold, rødder og identitet. 

Hun præsenterer selv filmen sådan: 

Belonging is a romantic idea that I’m always confused about, when I’m questioning my identity I feel the question is tickling me deep inside. And every day I keep laughing in the face of the history and the logic.
When I think about the places that living inside of me I count seven cities from three different continents, its not that I can minimize three continents within specific cities, but what I mean is the huge differences between Syria, Algeria and Denmark, which is at the same time looking quite the same.
It took me six years to finish this film between 2011 and 2017.

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running time : 5 minutes
year of production : 2017


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