Adey A fictitious Dream
Tror du vi vågner fernisering
Tonje Bøe Birkeland
Martin Zellerhoff
Triennalen foromtale
Jacob Juhl fernisering
Christian Klintholm
Sofie Pihl Perceptions 2
Adey plakat
Homage Mayumi
Fernisering Linda Hansen
Joaquin Zaragoza Gratis Knus
Sinking Into fernisering
Invisible Aarhus PopUdstilling
Fem gode grunde til at investere i kunst

About Galleri Grundstof
Galleri Grundstof – Fine Art Photography
At Galleri Grundstof – Fine Art Photography you will find artworks by some of the very best danish and international artistic photographers. These are artists who – although most of them are very young – have been noticed on the art scene. Several of them already have an international career.

Galleri Grundstof cooperates with artists who have something on their mind, as they express in a meaningful and clear expression. It's art that gets noticed and remarked both by yourself and your friends. The exhibitions in the gallery often have an existential focus.

You can find Galleri Grundstof at, and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Galleri Grundstof is partner in the showroom PLADS artspace, Vestergade 62, 8000 Aarhus C. You will also find Galleri Grundstof on art fairs and photo festivals.

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Galleri Grundstof is established by Vilhelm Halgreen. He has a great interest in contemporary art, especially art photography.

The daily running of the gallery is managed by Vilhelm Halgreen and Inge Højgaard.

Galleri Grundstof – Fine Art Photography

All prices: Danish VAT included. Shipping not included. 


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Vilhelm Halgreen, owner and manager of the gallery
“Please, contact me for advise on fine art for your home or your company”
The Periodic Table, until now missing element #119 Ph . Here we come!
Ph is identified as one of the basic elements for human life.