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Adey A fictitious Dream
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New photographs by AdeY
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Exhibition period: November, 30th - December, 20th
Opening hour:
 Wednesday 01:00pm - 06:00pm
 Thursday    01:00pm - 06:00pm
 Friday         01:00pm - 06:00pm
 Saturday     11:00am - 03:00pm

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The British / Swedish photographer and choreographer are current with new beautiful and eyeopening works

The exhibition "A Fictitious Dream" shows brand new works by the British photographer AdeY, for which Grundstof for several years has worked closely with.

Here, the artist's vision of bodily and gender acceptance is expressed in fictional dreams and manifested in the pictures of reality in the form of the exhibition's photographic works, which can be seen at the Galleri Grundstof from November 30 to D.20. December.

With a background in performance dance and choreography, AdeY experiments in his photographs with subjects such as the physics, strength and balance of the human body. Here, he photographs and depicts the body in its purest form; namely in the devoid, discreet and nude condition, with which he seeks to create a non-sexualized and unprecedented representation of man, based on the dream of acceptance.

It is therefore special attention to our (right to) differences that drive the British artist in his work with photographs, and here it is especially the differences that concern the physics, race and sexuality that AdeY is keen on.

In practice, it is thus also in many ways the perception of the human body that the photographer is dealing with. He is based on his own experience and perception of the human body, but it is largely the perception of the viewer and the outside world that is central to his artistic message.

AdeY's works have been exhibited and sold at acknowledged photo exhibitions. In 2018 he has been shown at Unseen in Amsterdam, Landskrona Photo Festival in Sweden, Little Black Gallery in London, VasliSouza in Malmo, Triennial in Hamburg etc. His exhibitions always alert great attention - and good debate.

AdeY's "A Fictitious Dream" is experimental, drastic and aesthetic, and some will consider it controversial, absurd or cross-border. It is an exhibition that is entertaining and exciting and it will definitely start your reflections.

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