Miriam Nielsen Materiel Spirit object
Samara Sallam video
Adey A fictitious Dream
Tror du vi vågner fernisering
Tonje Bøe Birkeland
Martin Zellerhoff
Triennalen foromtale
Jacob Juhl fernisering
Christian Klintholm
Sofie Pihl Perceptions 2
Adey plakat
Homage Mayumi
Fernisering Linda Hansen
Joaquin Zaragoza Gratis Knus
Sinking Into fernisering
Invisible Aarhus PopUdstilling
Fem gode grunde til at investere i kunst

Miriam Nielsen - new artworks at Copenhagen Photo Festival
collages and photographic sculptures

References to time and space are removed and the remaining elements are processed, sampled and distorted. The figurative is dissolved, tactility is emphasized – abstraction emerges.


In the exhibition “Material-Spirit” the photographic motifs are disassembled, so that the creation of new motifs becomes possible. The photographs become the raw material form which new abstractions are created. The works are built up, layers upon layers through a painterly and intuitive process. Three dimensional spaces become two dimensional and surfaces acquire a body.
Miriam is fascinated by the ability of the photograph  to at once capture and distort the world, and it is this process she explores further through a range of digital and analogue interventions. With these methods, she examines natural and human-made structures in the world around us. As well as that which lies just below the surface. The fleeting moment we usually associate with the photograph is twisted into other realities, landscapes and spaces.

The exhibition consists of new collage works in photographic and silkscreen print on paper and sculptural works.

Copenhagen Photo Festival June, 6th - 16th 2019


*The exhibition is supported by Københavns Kommune, Rådet for Visuel Kunst.

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The exhibition takes place in this exciting space
The exhibition shows collages and sculpturel photographs